Different Types of Diet Pill

There are so many types of diet and slimming pills on the market. While there are many high quality medically endorse products, there are also many unsafe, or even illegal diet pills. Our aim is to publish a clear, trusted, medically endorsed products only for the UK market.

We've built a mini-guide on different types of diet pill to help you really understand the differences.

Prescription Pills - These pills are only available after being prescribed by a doctor or other authorised medical professional. Prescription pills are generally resorted to if a patient's BMI is above 30 (27 for patient's with health conditions relating to weight such as diabetes).

Appetite Suppressants - Most appetite suppressants work by imitating the signals sent from your stomach to your brain making it think you're full. Most simply pass through the body naturally, as all waste does...in your poo! The most popular UK product in this field is Appesat, a natural appetite supressant that's medically endorsed and has been covered in national press.

Natural Diet Pills - Not much to explain here, natural diet pills lare derived  from 100% natural ingredients. Most are suitable for vegetarians & vegans due to this fact. LIPObind is one such pill and has been endorsed by the vegetarian society and is a certified medical device that, when taken, has been proven to remove upto 27% fat from the food you eat.

Fat Burners - Also known as Thermogenic diet pills. Usually include ingredients like ephedrine or caffeine. These pills are typically used by bodybuilders who need to shed weight before competitions. They work by speeding up your metabolism, the only safe way to accomplish this is to exercise regularly. Many have been banned for this reason, WE RECOMMEND AVOIDING THIS TYPE OF PILL.

Fat Blockers - Fat blockers such as Alli or the prescription product Xenical work by preventing digestive system from breaking down the fat from the foods you eat and storing it in your 'fat cells'. Depending on  which diet pill you take up to 30% of the fat you eat is harmlessly passed through and out of your system. LIPObind also a fat blocker and compares in effectiveness to Alli, both are available without prescription.

Diuretics Diet Pills - Or Water Pills as they're often referred to, work by ridding the body of excess fluid. Usually these are chemical substances so precautions should be  taken, and side effects can be expected. If a natural solution is preferred Green Tea can often help.